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welcome  in the world of digital specialists. Get in touch with our community managers, the real enthusiasts  from the web. Creative and connected, they give good practices of social networks  : Create, innovate, animate, moderate, communicate, write, promote are their key words, with the main objective  : ensure your e-reputation by strengthening your visibility on the web and creating a lasting link with your communities.

Our Trainings

 Digital communication 

Digital communication is a vast field. It brings together all the tools and supports  digital information (newsletters, social networks, blogs, websites, forums  among others). You are right to  seek training in digital communication.


What do we study in Digital Communication?

To become a digital project manager, it is necessary to study many aspects of digital communication. You have to be able to manage a digital communication project as a whole. In this module, learners have these skills  :

  • Marketing Strategy
  • digital management
  • Web Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management / Social Network Management
  • Content Marketing / Content Creation
  • The 360 Communication Strategy
  • Notions of SEO Languages  


The training in  digital communication  prepares you for the profession of Social Media Manager.

  Our 20-hour training allows trainees to meet expectations  of the company by adapting its program to the evolution  of the economic market and sectors of activity.

social media manager  

The social media manager manages and develops the visibility of a brand on the web and social networks. This job of web marketing requires  skills  multiple.  

The social media manager masters social networks and certain notions of the net. He has proven skills in web marketing (content strategy, viral marketing, mobile marketing). He also masters the fundamentals of communication. The social media manager  provides monitoring to keep informed of web trends (tools, uses, applications). This job combines communication and marketing.  

  He can :

  - Define a web presence strategy 

  - Supervise and coordinate the community managers responsible for training and leading web communities gathered around the values conveyed by the company or the brand 

  - Follow and develop the notoriety of the brand or the organization on the web

  - Conduct a competitive and technological watch.

  Community management

  Social media should no longer be a secret to you. Do you want to specialize?

Obtain your community manager qualification in 20 hours.

This module introduces you to the techniques of animation and  web community management for your business, your  brand, organization,  institution among others.

Follow your distance or face-to-face training at your own pace. No need to travel to acquire skills.

Mobile video editing 

  In this module, learners are introduced to video editing.  They first understand the tools  and angle of view with the mobile, then editing applications with  the cellphone. At the end of their training, they become specialists  video editing for your digital pages and corporate website. 

Digital Marketing 

  This module allows you to understand the challenges of e-marketing or digital marketing. 
- Understand the context
- Define your goals
- Understand the roles of each actor  : webmaster, traffic manager, community manager among others.

  - Think well about your website

  - Define the objectives of the site
- Identify Internet users to target
- Know the tools to manage a website: CMS

  - Communicate well with users

  - Adapt its content
- Take care of the navigation
- Personalize content

  - Understand how to attract people to your site

  - Define your visibility strategy
- To make links towards its site in particular on the social networks, the forums inter alia.
- Understand the relevance of advertising banners.

  Online sales -Whatsapp business 

  You have your products, goods or  services ?

  Well done. But you  need a retail space? The best shop that does not require financing is your  e-site  trade  or your online store or your whatsapp business. This training allows you to master the  online sales techniques. Here are opportunities  to put the odds on your side to get the most out of your  online business .

  Web Editorial Manager

  The Web Editorial Manager  (the REW)  or web editorial project manager) is responsible for managing, structuring and updating  the content of a platform or  website in line with the editorial strategy.

  He has skills  to organize editorial production.

  - Define the editorial line in coherence with all the communication media of the organization, institution, company

  - Define publication schedules

  - To create  the content to put on the digital pages  .

  - Organize the editorial production (text, images, video sounds, animations.) 

  -Create some  (newsletters and other web products)

  Digital infographic 

  This training allows you to master all aspects of creation in the service of visual communication.

  -You master the techniques of creation: 

  - Display

  - advertising banner

  - flyers

  - logo

  - business card.  

  Web writing

  The work of web editor has many advantages but it is useful  to be passionate because this profession  is very demanding.

  Above all, the editor must organize his working time and  must not  lack inspiration.

  The web editor has the skills  also on the basis of natural referencing (SEO)  or paying since a very large  part of the content written for the web has for  an objective positioning on search engines.

  Many companies today   are looking for  editors  website for  among others  : write content, optimize text  for referencing, create statuses on social networks, animate a blog.

  The web editor has knowledge of how social networks work, good blogging practices and  referencing for the website of  the company he works for.

 You have a know-how: Our job to promote it

Our purpose

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